Grainne Gallanagh Makes History For Ireland

Ireland places in the Miss Universe top 20 in back to back years for the first time in history.

We are so proud of the growth of the new era of Miss Universe Ireland. Our initial year saw Queen Cailín Áine Ní Toibín placing in the top 4 in Europe and the top 16 at Miss Universe 2017. This year, Queen Grainne Gallanagh placed in the top 5 in Europe and top 20 overall at Miss Universe 2018. Ireland is not only here to stay, but going higher in 2019.

Brittany Mason
Director Miss Universe Ireland

About Grainne

Grainne, a 24 year old nurse from Buncrana, Donegal graduated from University with honours and a Bachelor of Science degree . She is a nurse specialising in women’s health.

Grainne is particularly passionate about women’s issues and women’s health. She says “Women face significant barriers to both mental and physical health. Women face poorer health than men due to economic disadvantage, discrimination, pregnancy, their caring roles, as well as higher rates of sexual assault and domestic violence. This must change.” As Miss Universe Ireland 2018 she is determined to utilize her platform and her profession as a nurse to help raise awareness, bring more resources to women, and provide more education on women’s health issues.

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