Aoife Carty

Aoife is currently studying to get her bachelor’s degree in Business and Management at Maynooth University. After graduation, her ambition is to start her own Irish business either in the cosmetics or clothing industry. She wants to be her own boss and a self-made entrepreneur. Aoife believes that her creativity, enthusiasm, and diligence will aid her in achieving this goal and she hopes to have achieved this all within the next ten years. Alongside her own successful business, she wants to manage her own charity organisation to give back and to help the Irish community. The specific charity that she is focusing on is Down Syndrome Ireland. In October 2018, she was a participant in Millennial of the Year, which helped fundraise over €300,000 for Employability. This programme trains and educates people in specific employment roles so that they can realize their ambitions of finding a job, participating in society, and living an independent life. In Ireland, less than 5% of people with Down Syndrome attain full-time employment and this needs to change. You can catch her running the Women’s Mini Marathon on the 2nd of June, in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland!

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