Ciara Mulligan

A final year student of B.Sc. Business and Law at TU Dublin, Ciara, is working to qualify as a lawyer and is employed as a future trainee solicitor at Matheson. The social cause that means the most to her is the protection of young people from domestic abuse in their home. She feels it is a cause so rarely spoken of and one that needs more reform with regards to the malpractice of social workers. The law has evolved so much to improve Children’s rights especially through the establishment of Tusla, a state-run body. However, further protection must be afforded to teenagers and young people as the consequences of domestic abuse can be horrifying. Most charities in this field don’t tend to accept volunteers so she thinks raising awareness through Spun-Out a charity run by young people for young people would be a great start. This cause is so important to Ciara due to her own very difficult family circumstances attributed to mental health illnesses. She never found someone who was going through a similar experience and couldn’t find helpful resources, so she wants to make sure others never undergo her same experience.

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