JoJo Quinn

Jojo is a brave, considerate, and positive woman who works as a model and loves to dance and act. She is extremely proud of the fact that she stopped self-harming herself three years ago. It was a very difficult thing for her to overcome as it was her coping mechanism when things got difficult. She was able to dig deep and find the tenacity and strength to get better and is super proud of the woman you see today. Today, she wants to use Miss Universe Ireland to make her voice louder and help the people crying out for more accessible mental health services. She believes that nobody should be on a waiting list since there are people at high risk that don’t have friends or family to help. She states that more than one person is committing suicide per day in Ireland. “I have been there and thankfully I had the strength to overcome it, but so many people don’t get the help to see just how good things get.”

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