Katie O’Donohue

Having recently completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in French and Economics at University College Cork, Katie would like to pursue a diploma or similar qualification in Digital Marketing with the hopes of eventually working for a Global company, promoting the brand and developing new ideas for the firm. Whilst she is a keen enthusiast of the ‘keep fit’ lifestyle, she also likes to balance things out with baking in her spare time. Over the past couple of years, Katie has participated in various types of charity work in Ireland between fundraising for the Cork Mental Health Foundation and Marymount Hospice – a charity that she has a renewed appreciation for, since her grandfather recently passed away there. She would like to also work with the Irish Cancer Society, as well as, the Endometriosis Association of Ireland. Endometriosis has affected a few people in her life and she would like to raise more awareness amongst younger women about the signs and symptoms of this condition.

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