Kira Kilcoyne

Kira is currently attending college at the Waterford Institute of Technology, studying business. Growing up Kira suffered from a lisp and was bullied in primary school for it. While that seems like a very young age, the bullying has impacted her greatly when it came to speaking publicly. Over the years, she worked extremely hard and learned how to overcome it by teaching herself how speak clearly and correctly. Now, she is a lot more comfortable with public speaking, and is no longer worried about it! The WSPCA, ISPCA, and Dogs Trust Ireland are charities that mean a great deal to Kira due to these charities focusing on the very relevant issue of animal cruelty and rehoming of animals in Ireland. Over the years, her family and her have rescued many dogs and cats by giving them a home. She believes if it wasn’t for these charities, her beloved dogs and animals would have been killed or abandoned.

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