Megan O’Malley

Megan wrote and performed in her first original play in January 2018. It was called HOME and dealt with the eighth amendment and sexual consent. It has not been, however, an easy road for Megan to feel comfortable on stage. She spent years feeling ashamed of her appearance. Megan tried modelling, but constantly faced contempt for her size – a UK 10. One company even refused to pay her because of her measurements, even after the photos were released online and received positive responses. But she is dedicated to her craft and once lived in a room with no windows, so she could pursue acting and modelling. After self-reflection, Megan now sees herself as confident and beautiful. She has also been subject to every fad diet going and was able to purchase fat loss shakes and teas while still a teenager and even got advice from the woman selling them. She does not believe any fat loss products should be able to be sold to children and she is campaigning that an age limit be set as these products are usually just strong laxatives. She wants to share her story and help other women overcome their lack of self-confidence.

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