Melanie Delaney

Returning TOP 5 Finalist at MUI 2018, this ambitious, compassionate, and outgoing woman is an Oncology Pharmaceutical Technician, at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital where she makes chemotherapy for patients undergoing cancer treatment. She has overcome dyslexia to pursue a career in the male dominated medical and healthcare sector. When she was in primary school she was told she had quite severe dyslexia that was having a huge impact on her school and personal life. Being a child with dyslexia and spending most of her childhood and all her adolescent years in education made school life extremely challenging for her. She remembers asking her parents if she would ever be able to read or write because of how much she struggled in the early years of primary school. However challenging she found things, she never looked at having dyslexia as something that would hold her back in life, but rather she saw it as a challenge she had to face and overcome. “We all face challenges in life, it’s overcoming these challenges that make us who we are.” Today, she now makes lifesaving/life-prolonging drug treatments for cancer patients every day. This is something she could never have imagined she would be able to do when she was a little girl and therefore is very proud to achieve the success she has.

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