Nadia Sayers

Nadia uses her bubbly personality to make a daily difference while working at Pips Charity as a Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Youth Training Facilitator. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Queens University and a Master of Applied Psychology & Mental Health Therapies. She has won the National Princes Trust Community Impact Award due to the success of the Suicide Prevention & Awareness Workshop (HOPE) programme and the difference it is making in her community. Additionally, she was also given the ‘200 Hours Millennium Volunteer Award’ for her outstanding work in her community. Despite all her successes, Nadia has struggled with self-doubt. In the past, she has let her lack of confidence take control of her life, her experiences, and her relationships. However, she slowly began to learn that she was the one holding herself back from living the life she knew she wanted and deserved. Now, she takes on as many experiences as she possibly can. She never wants to regret not doing something because she held herself back. To her, there’s no more room for self-doubt in the big life she wants to live!

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