Qichen Hu

Qichen is currently a part-time Model and a full-time college student at DCU majoring in Environmental Science and Health. She is determined to use her education to learn the skills necessary to do her part to combat one of the biggest issues she feels humanity faces right now, which is Climate Change. She feels that Global Warming has always been a major problem and that it has gotten progressively worse in the recent years. She feels she is very lucky to have parents that raised her in a relatively sustainable way and educated her on environmental impact. Organizations that fight for the planet have always been very close to Qichen’s heart and she wants to continue to work with the likes of Irish Wildlife Trust, WWF, WATER.ORG, Ocean Conservancy, Rainforest Action Network, and Wild Foundation. She was born in an industrialized town in China and every now and then her parents would bring her back to her hometown. On these trips, she witnessed the effects of human activity on the environment. She feels we have brought our planet to the stage it is at today and it is up to us to nurse it back to health before it becomes irreversible. Many think the world is too big to take action as individuals, but she believes it only takes one person to make a difference!

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