Shona Tuohy

This bubbly and positive primary school teacher aims to teach her children to the best of her ability and to have them leave her year happy and optimistic about future possibilities. Shona works hard to teach 30+ students everyday and give them all equal attention. Even though this story has a happy ending, achieving her dream of being a teacher was extremely difficult and tested her dedication. In secondary school she fell short by the absolute minimum of the points required to enter teaching. This was a very tring time as she was faced with a difficult decision to make. She could choose a course that she was not as keen on or repeat the whole year again in the hopes she would achieve these points the following year. Dedicated to her chosen field, she decided to repeat, yet also applied for her papers to be rechecked. Thankfully, one of her papers was miscalculated and she succeeded in achieving enough points. After the rechecks, she only had about four days to leave school, source accommodation in Dublin, and begin college three months after everyone else. This was an extremely daunting time as everyone had already established friendships and gotten used to college life. Despite a difficult few weeks of finding her feet, she soon settled in and never looked back!

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