Sophie Bahl

Sophie was a TOP 10 Finalist at Miss Universe Ireland 2017 and is a bubbly, honest, and hardworking woman that epitomizes the brand.
Recently, she has had to overcome a dramatic recovery after spinal correction surgery. We are lucky and grateful to have her alive today after the series of traumatic events that left her with a metal back. In the summer of 2016, after over a year of waiting, she was excited to finally have the surgery that was going to alleviate her pain and discomfort. She awoke after the procedure in the ICU and the next few days passed by without incident. The day before her scheduled discharge, she fell short of breath, started coughing up blood, and was in tremendous pain. The doctors rushed her back to the ICU for x-rays/Ct scans which showed double pneumonia, an abscess, and fluid in her lungs that was septic and spreading around her body. She immediately underwent an emergency operation. After the surgery and over the course of the next week she remained in the ICU. Luckily, Sophie prevailed, but the experience forever changed her outlook on life. The whole journey remains a defining part of her life and the entire summer of ’16. It was by far the biggest obstacle in her life, but she now feels stronger than ever.

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