Being Miss Universe Ireland is a rewarding experience and an honor to represent Ireland on the world stage. We are accepting applications for MUI 2021. APPLY 2021 Apply

The Miss Universe Ireland 2021 Application

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    Applicants must be at least 18 and under 28 years old as of January 1, 2021.

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    Have You Ever Been Married Or Given Birth? Yes Or No?

    * If you have been or currently are married or engaged or have given birth, unfortunately you are not eligible to compete for Miss Universe Ireland.

    Do You Have An Irish Passport? Yes Or No?

    * Irish Passport Required For Eligibility

    If No, Please Explain

    Why Do You Want To Be Miss Universe Ireland 2021?

    Please Upload 3 Photos For Your Initial Application
    - A headshot
    - A full body shot
    - Your Irish Passport

    Your photos do not need to be professionally done but please make sure they are clear.

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    Do I have to be a model?

    No. This is not a modeling competition. There are modeling aspects but if you are chosen as a Top 30 Contestant you will train with our team on media and model training.Miss Universe Ireland will help you develop those tools to be confidently beautiful in front of the camera or down the runway. If your wish is to further develop your modeling career, we will work with you on that as well.

    Endeavor represents many of the world’s top models like Gisele Bündchen, Gigi Hadid, and Ashley Grahem, they also represent a plethora of other artists across all media platforms. Specifically movies, television, music, theatre, digital and publishing. It also represents the NFL and NHL WME also owns the UFC.

    Are there any height or weight requirements?

    Absolutely not! We believe in diversity and welcome all shapes and sizes. Our motto at Miss Universe is “Confidently Beautiful”. We celebrate all women!

    Are there any age restrictions?

    Yes. An appicant must be at least the age of 18 and under the age of 28 before January 1st in the year that they hope to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

    I currently have a modeling/talent agency contract. Will this interfere?

    No, unless they say otherwise. The Miss Universe Ireland Organization is not a modeling agency. Miss Universe Ireland serves as an ambassador for the country, a spokesmodel for brands, and a goodwill ambassador for various charitable causes. If your wish is to further develop your modeling career, we will work with your current agency to take it to the next level.

    What can I do to best prepare for the pageants?

    A contestant should understand the values of The Miss Universe Organization and the responsibilities of the title. She should be able to express what her personal and professional goals would be during her reign. Consider the below when competing:

    – Describe what your aspirations are and why you are competing for a title.
    – What have you done in your community to show leadership?
    – How would you use your title to impact society?
    – What social group would be your focus and why?
    – How would you help solve issues in the world, not just in your home country?
    – How can you make this world a better place if you were crowned?

    What is the Miss Universe Organization looking for in a contestant?

    A contestant must be confident. She must be able to demonstrate authenticity and articulate her ambitions as a titleholder. The competitions showcase and evaluate the contestant’s aspirations and are judged by accomplished business leaders, philanthropists, and public figures.

    Who owns Miss Universe?

    Miss Universe is owned by leading global entertainment, talent, and fashion agency WME/IMG Endeavor.