Hollie Hersey

Hollie is a multi-talented Fashion Buyer for Hugo Boss and a musician that can play the piano, flute, and guitar. Throughout her life, she has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks but was able to overcome what could have been a crippling condition. This enabled her to realise and pursue her life ambitions including: living independently, traveling abroad, and representing her hometown in The Rose of Roscommon 2016. Due to her experiences, she is dedicated to raising awareness for mental health. She notes that in 2018, Ireland was reported to have one of the highest rates of mental health illness in Europe, therefore it is so important that, as a small country, we work to help one another speak up and open up about mental health problems. She believes that listening to one another with our ears, eyes, and heart can go a long way. Through her volunteering alongside a music therapist, she has helped people with problems including: depression, Alzheimer’s, intellectual disabilities, neurological and cognitive disorders. Hollie believes it has changed her outlook on life. Not only has she witnessed the power of music as a therapy, but it has definitely helped her become a very positive person.