Jane Lehan

Jane is a sailing instructor at the Lough Derg Yacht Club and loves to be out on the Irish Sea. She has won many sailing regattas, Nationals, and has achieved the most improved sailor award in the Worlds. During the Mirror World Sailing Championships in 2012, she was the youngest helm at the age of only 11 years old! During that day, the wind reached up to 40 knots and as a result many of the world’s best sailors elected not to compete. However, she was determined and made the decision to go out and compete. During the second race, half the fleet capsized and had to be rescued including her boat. She claims that this was the craziest thing she has ever done because the following day she decided to go out in the same weather conditions again; competing against the top sailors in the world and placing top 30 out of 120 boats. In addition to being an expert yachtswoman, she is an awarded artist and dancer. She received a merit in the Texaco Art competition in 2017 and has won many Credit Union art competitions. Furthermore, she has won multiple Irish Dancing competitions such as Munster’s and placed at Nationals.