Karen McShea

Karen is an outgoing, positive, and caring woman who works as a qualified beautician and makeup artist. She has ambitions of finding success in the modelling industry and using the connections to build her own business running a makeup studio. Her biggest obstacle in life has been self-love. Because of her height, she struggled with confidence in always being the tall girl that stood out and was ridiculed by her peers. All she wanted was to fit in and be ‘normal.’ It has taken her a long time to own her height and be proud of who she is. There was a time that she would not dream of wearing high heels in fear that she would stand out more in a crowd. Today, you see a woman that loves herself and loves buying and wearing all the beautiful shoes she wants! She is focused on Aware Ireland as she believes mental health is something that affects people of all ages and that everyone suffers with some kind of mental health issues in their life. She aims to see children in Ireland taught how to care for their mental and overall health as it is a very important part of life especially with the pressures of modern life and social media.