Niamh Myles

Niamh comes from a farming background and has a passion for animals including hosting hens, ducks, dogs, and a micro pig! She graduated a 2:1 degree in 2016 with a Bachelor of International Arts in Economics and Portuguese. As part of her studies, she spent a year living abroad in Portugal which was a big deal for her given her young age of 20 years old and that she was the first and only student at the time going to the country alone. She says it was the best experience of her life where she learned so much about herself during that year while forging friendships for life. Mental Health Ireland is the charity of her choice. The organisation and mission mean a lot to her as she has personally struggled with mental health issues in the past. In 2016, she lost her cousin and the death put things in perspective for her. She feels that everyone has the right to be as happy as can be in life and that we should all be supported in reaching our full potential. Niamh will be running the women’s mini marathon in aid of Mental Health Ireland and hosting her annual fundraiser in advance of the marathon.