Peace Olaniyi

Peace is a fun and creative woman who works as an Architectural Technologist at Modubuild Kilkenny utilising her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Technology. Ending up in her current dream job has been a long journey since she was just 7 years old. When she and her family immigrated to Ireland from Nigeria in 2001, Peace remembers arriving and being in awe of all the construction, buildings, and structures of Dublin. It was like nothing she had ever seen or experienced before. It was from that moment that she wanted to someday add to the city skyline as an architect! Peace’s social cause that means the most to her is the National Women’s Council Ireland. The organisation has been empowering women for over 40 years by providing women across Ireland with the necessary skills and opportunities to have their voices heard. She would like to share with every woman in the programme about her experience in education and the workforce – thus, encouraging them to achieve their full potential.